Principle 11:

Good decision-making requires sound scientific and technical analysis that is free of political distortions.

The Principle in Practice:

  • In 1988, Probe International used the Access to Information Act to obtain the 20-volume Three Gorges Feasibility Study paid for by the Canadian government and carried out by Canadian engineering firms, and Quebec and BC Hydro. These consultants recommended that the dam be built at an early date. Independent experts commissioned by us to evaluate the study found the scientific and economic assumptions in the feasibility study seriously compromised by omissions, oversights, and bias. We published these findings in a book called Damming the Three Gorges: What Dam-Builders Don’t Want You to Know and filed complaints against the Canadian engineers with their regulatory bodies.
  • Though many claim the science of anthropogenic global warming is settled, Energy Probe’s Lawrence Solomon investigated and found that the theoretical arguments supporting AGW are highly politicized and scientifically unsound. Solomon’s 2008 book, The Deniers, exposed the questionable scientific arguments in favour of AGW and examined other forces at work that are affecting climate.

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