We welcome donations to the work of the Energy Probe Research Foundation or to one of the divisions of the foundation – Energy Probe, Probe International, Consumer Policy Institute, Environment Probe, Urban Renaissance Institute, or Environmental Bureau of Investigation. Donations are tax-creditable in Canada.

There are three ways to make a donation:

    1. Send us a cheque. (Our address is 565 Bloor St West, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1Y6, Canada. Make your cheque payable to Energy Probe Research Foundation or to the division you wish to support.)
    2. Phone us. (Our number is 416 964-9223. You can reach our accountant, Frank Cianflone, at extension 246. He would be happy to process your donation by credit card.)

Your support will be receipted promptly and with our thanks.


1 Response to Donate

  1. Gordon olafsen says:

    As an organization what safeguards do you have in place to ensure that a policy of reasonable discourse based on scientific fact will not be hijacked at some point in the future by emotional beliefs, desires and opinions not support by unbiased scientific fact? IE Suzuki think, Dogwood Initiative, Tom Steyer et al..

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